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The Power of Imagination

Thoughts become Things.

We believe that every human, by nature, is a dreamer and the best part of our job here, at YMT | Design Studio is to be able to amalgamate your dreams and visions with our imagination to create real spaces and experiences that are a reflection of your personality, taste and our sense of design.

So, we thought what's better than to start our blog by sharing with you, glimpses of our design journey and how we start our design process.

Therefore, here goes, a few pages right out of our sketch books and photoshop drafts alongside images of the spaces they ended up creating.

Each of these images have stories of how and why every small details in them came to be, which include the clients requirements, sensibilities and dreams along with the hard work of all those thinkers, visionaries and execution experts, photographers and many more involved in the process of creating. However, those are stories for another time.

For now, we share these with you with a tiny ray of hope that they may inspire you, in these chaotic times, to keep dreaming, keep faith and keep believing in the power of imagination.

Lots of Love

Team YMT


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