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Creating your Happy Place!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Everyone wishes to have a happy place, it could be your work desk, your bedroom, a corner of your garden, that little reading nook or even your bathroom! Wherever your happy place may be, today I am going to talk about some tips and tricks that can help you in revamping or creating  that unique personal space you would love to keep going back to, to find yourself!

However, before we get to the part of perking it up, for those of you wondering what space is actually your happy place, think about these things - a place where you can find peace of mind, a space that keeps you inspired, a space you would want to go to when things are not going right, a space you feel has good vibes, a space you feel calms you down, a space you would rather be at, to spend some 'me time'.

Whatever space comes to your mind, when you think about these things is what we are looking for and if nothing does come up, its time for you to create that space! Because I believe everyone needs their own happy place!

So here goes, some ideas for you to create your personal corner of contentment. 


Greens make everything better. I cannot stress enough on the therapeutic effects of plants. Health benefits associated with greens include reducing stress, boosting mood, as well as enhancing productivity and creativity. Just one little plant, or even a bunch of flowers could add life to the dullest of ambiences. Add a few plants to your happy space to make it a lot more cosier, fresh and full of life.


Make your space personal. Add something that is unique or valuable to you. It could be your favourite book, a trinket that you love or maybe just some personalised stationary. Make your space look like it belongs to you, adding personal touches that speak of your own personal style and aesthetic will give your space that unique personality that you can identify with.  


Add something that makes you happy! It could be anything maybe a box of chocolates, a bright colour, some candles, your favourite cushion, an artwork or even a quote, anything you feel brings a smile on your face whenever you see it.


Happy memories benefit us because they reshape how we see ourselves for the better. This nostalgia is often what calms one down and brings back a sense of purpose. Add happy memories to your space. It could be photographs that remind you of a moment in time, it could also be any object or even a fragrance that brings back memories you want to cherish. I have souvenirs collected from travels that I love to add to my happy spaces to remind me of those joyous memories.


Colours have the ability to evoke emotions. Shades of red, yellow & orange can make you feel warmth and are associated with happiness, optimism and energy. Shades of green, blue and purple can be calming and soothing. Purple is often used to help spark creativity. So, don't forget to add accents in your favourite colours at your happy place. 

Here are images of one of my happy spaces, where I love to unwind and create. Hope these help you to create you own personal abode of happiness!

My Cozy Bedroom Corner

So, what are you waiting for, go on and create your own unique spaces! I would love to know more about your happy place. where is it? And if you do decide to perk it up I would love to see your images and stories. You can share them with me on or tag me in your photos on Instagram my handle is @ymtdesignstudio! 


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