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Intimate Wedding Decor Ideas

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

As each of us battle the on going pandemic, we reckon celebrations for now could be a muted, more intimate and personalised experience. However, that is no reason to make your special days any less beautiful, aesthetic or memorable.

So, here go's a few tips and tricks for creating personalised decor along side images of one of our favourite, intimate at home pre wedding celebration we designed last season.

Enhance the Existing

Don't focus on creating new structures and elements, instead look for spaces, niches, props and landscapes already existing in your venue which you could treat creatively make your space look organic as well as exquisite. We created this backdrop using ribbons on the existing metal mesh surrounding our venue.

Attention to Detail

Details are divine. It is the little details that make the big difference when you are decorating and intimate space. Focus on your guest's experience from entry to exit and think about all the little things you could do to make their experience unforgettable. As this personalisation is the key to make your space warm and distinctive.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In the current times, it is essential to be aware of the waste you may generate and try to reduce the ecological footprint of your event. We used recycled pallet boxes and trunks of uprooted or previously cut down trees to create floral compositions that feel good not only to your eye but also to your heart.

Keep it Fresh

When working with smaller intimate spaces, the choice of colour palette makes a lot of difference in the aesthetic appeal of the space. Choose a palette which is fresh, fun and translates the mood of your event. Lighter palettes like one we went for here makes the venue look a lot more spacious, vibrant and lively which was perfectly what we were looking for at our pre-wedding day event.

Easy Availability

Look for what is easily accessible around you. Try to use your everyday materials and objects you see in your surroundings in an unusual manner rather then sourcing & procuring extravagent items for one time use. We used the construction bamboos as flower stands to give the ceremony stage the extra elegance it required.

Reflect your Personality

Let your venue be a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, mood and personality. Enhance the space to show your loved ones your taste, your ideas and what you stand for. Because we believe that at the end of the day the idea of any event is to celebrate who you are as an individual, group, family or organisation. Our clients were the perfect blend of modern, new-age and contemporary with a rooted and traditional essence, hence we elevated their space to reflect just that.


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